ViLabs is a private company that acts both as a private research and innovation laboratory and as an innovation Hub for startups. ViLabs provides a wide range of research, development and consulting services to national as well as international enterprises and organisations, utilising a unique set of tangible and intangible resources, including knowledge, facilities, human and financial resources, supporting researchers and entrepreneurs to innovate. ViLabs is active in the sectors of ICT and entrepreneurship through all stages of Research, Technological Development and Innovation.

Through the extensive experience of its personnel it provides:
- R&D services (research, design and development); 
- Management services (Project management, advisory services); 
- Business services (business deployment, exploitation planning, early marketing) helping research outcomes to enter the market; 
- Entrepreneurship and innovation support services to scientists, technological start-ups and social entrepreneurs; 

- Evaluation and Impact assessment services (using quantitative and qualitative data analysis tools), considering economic, technological, political and social parameters. 

The company employs approximately 7 high-skilled and experienced personnel (engineers, economists, social researchers and IT specialists with post-graduate studies in Greece and abroad) with more than ten years’ experience in project management, business deployment and exploitation, technology and market assessments, evaluation and Impact assessment as well as supporting services for start-ups especially in the ICT sector.