Eleutheria Selkou

Age: 27
Background of the participant: Political Scientist, MA. Student
Building your CV is not an easy task. Participating in the ADU-NOOC pilot programme I had the unique opportynity to exercise and develop my soft skills in a friendly environment and fill out this „skills“ ticking box with a certiface of a European programme. Through the one week training, I was appropriately exercised to different skills including my digital, social and enttrepreneuship competences, while having fun and meeting like-minded individuals looking for a way to enhance their profiles. After a tough personal period of searching for a new career path and running from one interview to another, I spent a week of building my confidence, which was empowering enough to lead to a successful interview in a business I would never applied before.
I would for sure suggest this training to my frineds and new colleagues.
Thank you ADU-NOOC.

E. Selkou