Agustin Sánchez Mártinez

Country: Spain
Name of the participant: Agustin Sánchez Mártinez
Age: 25

Background of the participant:
Agustin left the University in the second year due to economic problems in his family as he lost his father and her mother in a Trafic accident and he was the oldest of three brothers. So he started working when he was 19 years old in a Hotel as a waiter. He was able to maintain his family and one year ago the decision he wanted to start a new business for tourist in Granada. AS his father was Irish he is fluent in English and he went to German lessons in the evening during two years and now he has a very good level in GermanAt the University he was two years studying Spanish History so he decided he could be a new kind of Tourist Guide for people really very interest in the history of Granada and Spain.
The idea was good but he has to leave his job in the Hotel and start with his new business.

Agustin was one of the people who attend the Piloting in Granada because we offer it in the Hotel as Defoin provide training in this Hotel for their workers.
He was really very interested in participating and he was the first one who called to confirm his participation in the Testing.
Along the process of the Testing, he was very motivated with all videos about Entrepreneurship.
After he finished the Testing he came to Defoin and was working with one of our counsellor's experts in entrepreneurship.
He finally made the decision of leaving the job in the Hotel and start his new own business.
His new company started its activity in August 2019. It is going well at the moment.
He had focused on some special clients coming to Spain not for Sun, night parties and cheap alcohol but for nice tourist really interest in History and Culture and he found many clients like this. Most are Germans and from Scandinavian countries, where they travel a lot and the cultural level is high.
He is now very happy because thanks to ADU NOOC Project he changed his life.