Anne Doran

Country: Ireland
Name of the participant: Anne Doran
Age: 37

Background of the participant:
My name is Anne Doran, I am married with two young children and I was unemployed before I came across the Adunooc seminar.
I had been unemployed for a couple of years after the birth of my second child. I wanted to upskill so I could have a chance to get a job again. I now feel more confident going on interviews and dealing with people.
Thanks a lot for all your great work !!! 

I am thankful to you for inviting me to take part in the Adunooc programme and making me improve my computer and soft skills so I would be able to standout in my interviews. The programme has helped me to upskill and have more confidence when it comes to having interviews and dealing with people in general.
I am really grateful for giving me this opportunity and I will be using your programme as a reference. I will definitely talk to my friends and future collegues about it.The Adunooc programme is a great source for my future work and I hope to put into practice the soft skills learned through it.