Genutė Mačiulienė – Ostromickienė

Country: Lithuania
Age: 35
Genute was growing up in a big and poor family in countryside. She has finished a high school, married and gave a birth to her first child at her age 19. There were no incomes, no support from birth family so young family emigrated to look for work abroad. Several years later family came back home to Lithuania. Here, Genute‘s husband started farming. Genute was unemployed and via social worker was invited to join Adunooc course pilot testing.
In one week duration Adunooc blended learning course, Genute realized she has skills and characteristics of entrepreneurship. The idea of personal business was on her mind for some time already. The training helped her acquire self-confidence, make a decision, plan and start her own small size farming. Before she had been growing some chicken and ducks, but now she starts her certified poultry farming.