I & F Education and Development Ltd


Irish based organisation working in and from Dublin for the educational development of people of all ages, especially in the areas of language acquisition, sport and personal development, youth and entrepreneurship. The company give special pride of place to the acquisition of soft skills by personal coaching and mentoring and by providing people with links to companies. They encourage new companies and initiatives and get people to think laterally and positively about their careers and their future.

I & F are involved in several European networks, secondary schools and youth clubs networks. Staff involved in many relevant areas of work including:
- Citywise Education 
- Brosna Youth Clubs (for Erasmus mobility programmes); 
- Padel Federation of Ireland; 
- Entrepreneurship and innovation support services to scientists, technological start-ups and social entrepreneurs; 

- Language Teaching and Development (Ireland and Families) 

Organisation is aiming to complement the great work already done by educators and parents. They believe that instructing and teaching is key to progress, but always bearing in mind that the personal preparation offered to young people will not bear its fruit unless we are forming them to be responsible members of society.

Organization also have a network of specialists for collaboration on projects related to social welfare, psychology, sociology, social policy and innovation, information technology, entrepreneurship and sports programmes.
I&F offers help and courses to people in migrants and disadvantaged areas, students suffering from bullying, those who have family problems and those who find it hard to integrate in society in general.

Organization has links with Citywise Education Centre in Jobstown in Dublin and The Horizon Programme in Mount Merrion. I&F collaborates in the instruction and formation of those involved by creating the programmes and delivering courses in some cases.

The staff involved in the project are mostly teachers and educators who understand and cherish the main objective of our project, which is to provide educators and NGOs with the tools and resources to manage the social inclusion of low skilled adults in society and the means to make nationals accept those who come from elsewhere due to economic, political or social reasons. Staff currently work in programmes in disadvantaged areas and fight for the integration of people who find it difficult to fit into society.

CONTACT PERSON: José María Cabello Pérez, info@instrctionandformation.ie